Review Process

Authors should read Author Guideline and follow their instructions to prepare your Article.

  • The journal uses double-blind peer review.
  • Authors must not make any statements in the text of the paper that would allow the author to be identified.
  • Authors and reviewers may exchange views through the editorial office.
  • The journal will have at least three reviewers reviewing your paper.
  • Submitted papers will receive their first peer review within one month.
  • The editors will email the first review results to the authors within two months.
  • Usually, it takes two or three rounds of peer review before a decision is made on whether or not your paper will be published.
  • Neither the reviewers nor the editorial office will comment on papers that are rejected.
  • It is possible to resubmit an improved version of an article that has been rejected.

This is just a general process. It may not always follow this process.