International Journal of Applied Informatics and Media Design, Vol.3 No.1 (ISSN 2436-8814)

Editors : Takayuki Fujimoto

1 April, 2023
Softcover: 74 pages
Language: English
ISSN 2436-8814
Product Dimensions: A4size(210 x 297mm)

Online version: ISSN 2758-7622 (Buck Number)
Print version: ISSN 2436-8814 (Buck Number)




[table of contrnts]

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  2. [ Article] “Learning Activity Record Acquisition System in Interactive Reflection Format Based on Reflection Paper Method”, pp.18-31 (Kazuya Murata, Taishi Nemoto, Koji Fujita)[DOI]
  3. [Article] “Development of Aircraft Maintenance Management for Police Aviation Division” pp.32-37 (Wuttichai Morjai, Pakjira Jeenpracha, Siwat Wongkuan)[DOI]
  4. [Article] “Brand Story Building Directed at the Concept of Context Value” pp.38-48 (Asuka Kimoto)[DOI]
  5. [Short Paper] “The Birth of MARC in the 1960s and the Modern Turn of Virtual Library” pp.49-52 (Xuezhen Li)[DOI]
  6. [Short Paper] “SDGsInformatics:Realization of a Sustainable Information Environment” pp.52-56 (Nanami Kuwahara)[DOI]
  7. [Conference Abstract (ICAIMD2023)] “”AETE” System: Development of a search engine with Japanese language characteristics” p.58 (Yuka Kojima)
  8. [Conference Abstract (ICAIMD2023)] “Social life of Algorithms -Using qualitative methods to study blackboxes and other unknowable technologies-” pp.59-60 (Rebecca Carlson)
  9. [Conference Abstract (ICAIMD2023)] “Proposal of Information Sharing Application for Top Athletes in a State of Despair -Through interviews and analysis with top wrestling athletes-” p.61 (Shogo Maeda)
  10. [Conference Abstract (ICAIMD2023)] “New Interaction Method: PT (Physical Touch) proposal┬áthat surpasses VR” p.62 (Yulana Watanabe)
  11. [Conference Abstract (ICAIMD2023)] “Multi-site Linked Motion Capture System” p.63 (Kazuya Kojima)
  12. [Conference Abstract (ICAIMD2023)] “Proposal for a nightmare recording application” p.64 (Yuanbo Xie)
  13. [Conference Abstract (ICAIMD2023)] “The Current State of AI Education at Universities and Curriculum Organization Methods for Online Learning in Japan” p.66 (Koji Fujita)
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